SWEA Rep Council & Meetings

  • SWHS - Roshni Johki, Angela Ochs, Brennan Van Loo, Kathy Chace, Tamara McGrady (ExBd) 
  • SSHS/CONNECTIONS - Karma Larson
  • CMS - Adrea Phillips, Elliott Sherburne, Rebecca Lewis (ExBd), Tom Dorman
  • BIG LAKE - Beth Vaith, Ivy Taylor
  • CENTRAL - Emily Olson, Kayla Ludwig, Ashleigh Howell
  • CLEAR LAKE - Michael Parke
  • EVERGREEN - Isobel Bang, Amryl Geary, Kent Kitchen, Colleen Knutzen
  • GOOD BEGINNINGS - Gail Masters
  • LYMAN - Gary Bletsch
  • MARY PURCELL - Janell Doggett (VP, ExBd), Sandi Speedy (ExBd), Michelle Doucet, Chelsey Campbell
  • SAMISH - Kim Hobbs (ExBd)

  • Members at each school or work location shall elect for a term of 1 year one Representative Council member for each 8 members or major fraction thereof. There shall be at least one member per work site. Article VI, Section 3, SWEA Constitution
  • Representatives will receive $25.00 per meeting attended this year and should turn in mileage for reimbursement. Article V, g, SWEA Bylaws 

   2016 RA!